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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When Will It End?

Song Endings 

How do you end a song? Sometimes ending a song can be the most frustrating thing ever. Here's 5 techniques that will help you to complete this task with ease.

1. State of Suspension

Extend the finishing notes to a perfect close. This can also work for songs, with people holding onto the last note longer and then suddenly releasing. Regardless of the type, this is a classic way for ending songs and works really well. When people hear a songs notes holding out longer than usual, they naturally expect the song to end. Don't disappoint them.

2. Loop and Decrease

A popular method when you just can't find out how to get that finishing touch to end a song. Instead of creating a clear ending, just loop the last section of a song over and continue to decrease the volume until nothing can be heard. Soon after that point of nothingness, the song should end. Not a bad technique, and it makes your listeners feel as if your song is not really ending, but rather that they are just moving away from the source of the music. To put it another way, the journey never really ends, but they just aren't a part of it any longer.

3. The Power of Friction

Near the end of your song, slow the tempo down. When people hear the tempo begin to decrease, they know the song is ending. Use this technique and people won't be surprised or mad at you when your song suddenly ends.

4. Clashing Cymbals

End your song with a bang, a clash, or a loud boom. Cymbals, gongs, and timpani crescendos work very well for this. When you use this technique, you are definitely making it easier on yourself. Without much brain power, you just need to find out the right tool that will signal that your song is about to end. It's not too hard, unless of course, you choose to end a really mild or gentle song in this way. Then, you're in trouble. Good luck trying to get a clashing cymbal to finish off your peaceful new age song.

5. Fancy Finale

I'm sure this one is the most well-known. After all, who doesn't want to end a song with a magnificent flourish, showcasing your amazing ability to end songs with style! Almost everybody does. The truth is though, this isn't always the best way to end a song, and, quite frankly, it's definitely one of the hardest, unless you opt for a cliche finale which won't impress anyone. Still, if you manage to create a unique and impressive finale, you will definitely awe your audience. So, keep in mind the other four techniques, but always keep an eye (or perhaps an ear) out for opportunities to implement this one as well.

That was definitely insightful for me. I think I learn more from these posts than even those who read it! Come back soon for another post regarding key changes and how to use them and which ones are the best.

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